Sylvie Renault the organic.


From filaments to muscles, protruding bone to the subtle roundness of a smile, Sylvie Renault operates on and dissects the fragile bodies of ambiguously smiling creatures with childish glances. Surgeon of the soul, she draws and paints the inside, the intrinsic that sends us back to our most common and evident senses. Organization, organic, order. She detects each move and its emotional correspondence, the bodies speak, chat, whisper in some secret ferment. Alive and lively, aren’t works of art plants, grasses, love vines, links to our tormented minds? Oniric and feminine figures, they assume shades of color echoing everything we can be or live through. Sylvie Renault’s work is of the relentlessly emotional kind, body and mind, whispering their differences.


Out of a scalpel she has made a pencil: out of blood and delicate colors bodies are born and, with her precise strokes dissecting each motion, Sylvie Renault gives birth to us, alive. Her work is rich in references to Tim Burton, German expressionism, but her virtuosity allows her to abstain from any particular model and to make hers an essence, a smile, a tear that will thenmake us viewers stronger. By far, melancholy, sadness, so plain to see, her emotional and spiritual weapon, is among her surgeon’s tools. Sylvie Renault only performs open-heart surgery.


Aline Secondé, Historian of Art.